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Top 5 Wall Art Designs to Consider for a Girly Bedroom

Decorating any room in the house isn’t easy. The bedroom isn’t any easier than the living room. But if you love decorating interiors, then finding wall art designs and putting together a girly bedroom could be so much fun for you.

We talked about how to decorate men’s bedroom before. Well, now it’s the ladies’ turn.

From floral wallpapers to pink headboards and French furniture, there are so many different and creative ways to create a girly bedroom.

So why not top it all off with equally feminine wall art designs?

Here’s our top 5 wall art designs for girly bedrooms.

#5 Pinkish Sunset

Arguably, one of the most popular feminine colors out there is pink. Is it a surprise why one these particular wall art designs made it to our top 5? This Pinkish Sunset wall art is from our beloved sunset wall art collection.

Now picture this particular piece hanging from your empty wall, with a white or cream-colored wall in the background.

Isn’t that lovely?

#4 Two Sleeping Kittens

Cats are cute…

And they shouldn’t be limited to feminine taste alone. Yes, we can all agree on that. But what made us choose this particular design, you ask?

Well it’s the little things. It’s the pink and light purple ball of yarn sitting against a background that’s predominantly the same colors as the kittens’ fur. Well that, and they’re too adorable to not include in this top 5 list.

You can look for more cat canvas art to find one that suits your taste. But we guarantee that you’ll find that they all define the word ‘cute’ quite aptly.

#3 Pink Peony

You can’t blame us for sticking to the deliciousness of ‘pink’ too much. Because if you’re going to design a very girly bedroom, you can’t get any girlier with pink and floral patterns.

The Pink Peony is part of our patterns collection. And it looks really good against a plainly painted wall. The rhythm it gives is a nice touch to give one wall some movement while keeping the rest of the bedroom quite serene.

#2 Painted Lips

Let’s move on from traditional cute and girly to something much more contemporary. And suited to you if you’re a fan of this art style.

This piece is part of our modern wall art designs, and it’s a nice neutral to have if your bedroom is very colorful and lively with all sorts of textures and pops of bold hues. Try it out against the wall space above the headboard, or on the space above your desk.

#1 Stylish Girl

This piece, in particular, is one of our many wall art designs that scream, “Femininity!”

It’s contemporary art with great focus on the lips and the face accessorized with stylish sunglasses. What more could you ask for? Plus, we believe this would look really great if your bedroom was studio-type. And if you want to feel like a real diva, then we’d say go for it!

More Wall Art Designs for Girls

Wall art designs for very feminine girls are aplenty here at Panel Wall Art. Plus, there are also a plethora of exclusive designs and brand new ones coming out every so often.

So be sure to take the time to explore, and find what this site has in store for you.

You won’t be disappointed!

That’s a promise.

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