Wall Art for the Home Gym: 6 Collections from PWA to Look Into

Home gyms are slightly notorious for being drab corner spaces. Few think of brightening up a home gym with personal touches, but it’s certainly something to consider. That’s why we’ve listed some suggestions today, in the form of wall art for the home gym.

Personal workout rooms vary in size and in function. Sometimes it’s just your little space to pump iron. Other times, it’s wide and big enough to accommodate your love for a particular sport — like basketball, football, etc. Some of you who have the riches might even delve into installing a boxing ring to satisfy the intensity of your workout.

Needless to say, all of them could use personal touches and grand artwork. It’s sports-themed wall art ideas from here on out.

6 Collections: Wall Art for the Home Gym

Aside from lining the walls with mirrors, ensuring the space is well-lit, and covering the walls with inspiring colors, you’re going to need more than that to bring in inspiration in full-force. We’ve got 6 collections to choose from when you’re thinking of getting wall art for the home gym.

#1 Baseball Wall Art Collection

Are you a fan of the MLB by any chance? Do you fancy the New York Yankees, the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Red Sox, or the Houston Atros? We’ve got them all in our baseball wall art collection. The various wall art styles would look rather fetching on any interior style. 

#2 Basketball Wall Art Collection

Do away with a bare basketball court. Within our basketball wall art collection, you’ll find various wall art styles. Different teams and various NBA icons. From the Golden State Warriors to the famed Chicago Bulls. 

If you idolize Miami Heat and James Lebron, we’ve got that too. You have a wide array of basketball wall art styles to choose from.

#3 Ice Hockey Wall Art Collection

The sport of ice hockey and the teams at the NHL. Panel Wall Art has no shortage of wall art styles included in our ice hockey wall art collection. 

NHL teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins, St. Louis Blues, etc all have a place in the ice hockey canvas art collection. And you can take your pick from the various art styles included.

#4 American Football Wall Art Collection

Who could forget the recent Super Bowl even in Florida? 

American football wall art isn’t just for declaring your favorite NFL team during the Super Bowl events. You can use these gorgeous styles as wall art for the home gym too. From the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, and even the famed San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. The wall art styles can fit any interior style of the home gym.

#5 Boxing Wall Art Collection

Does your home gym have a mini-boxing arena? You can find the perfect boxing wall decor to grace those walls. 

The thrill of boxing can go beyond the ring, and the determination of a boxer isn’t cloistered in the four corners of the gym. Do you want inspiration? You can find it in our boxing wall art collection.

#6 Weight Training Wall Art Collection

The perfect wall art for a personal workout room? A weight-training canvas art can do the trick. Plus, there’s nothing quite more perfect for a gym focused on weight-training than wall art that depicts the same.

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