3 Wall Art Ideas to Inspire Your Upcoming Summer Adventures

Hey you! Summer’s just around the corner, and we’re sure you’ve got tons of fun-in-the-sun plans brewing in your head. But while you’re thinking up all sorts of adventures to be had for the summer, you want to make sure your home mirrors that same vibe. Check out our wall art ideas.

From images of scenery to drum up traveling interest, to inspirational pictures that would just make you think, “Wow, I haven’t seen the world yet.”

Well, here are a couple of wall art ideas to hang up and make your wall spaces more appealing.

But not only that…

You get loads of inspiration in the bucket too.

3 Collections You Can Get Wall Art Ideas From

Inspiration can come from a myriad of places, and wall art is no exception to that. You already know that Panel Wall Art is famous for having loads of collections you can freely pick from.

Well, now we’re bringing some canvas art pieces that are right up the alley of pre-summer fun…

#1 Cityscape Collection


If you haven’t traveled to the greatest cities of the world yet, no shame in that…

We all have our bucket lists, and we intend to fulfill them right before we leave this world.

So let’s kickstart that motivational train the right way with wall art that clearly depicts stunning views of world-famous cities. From stunning aerial views of New York all the way to the foot of the Eiffel Tower in France and straight to a night scene in Singapore.

#2 Landscape Collection


Or maybe the urban life and view might not be your cup of tea…

For some people, an inspiration for travel and other countless adventures come from seeing gorgeous images of the natural greenery of the outdoors. Open landscapes and lush waterfalls coupled with all that flora and fauna.

Welp, better pack that backpack for a hike through the woods or a trek to the mountains. Or just pack a bag and fishing gear, sit at the edge of the lake and wait for a good fishing game.

Maybe you can even watch animals at the watering hole… If you find any.

Check out depictions of luscious landscapes that could reignite your love for nature and all things earthy.

#3 Push Pin World Map Collection


Nope, this world map collection isn’t solely for passively teaching your kids about geography

Although, you can use our wall arts for that too. They’re kind of multi-purpose, depending on what you order.

But here we are. An entire canvas art collection dedicated entirely to wall art ideas that revolve around push pin world maps.

They don’t just come in plain old boring designs either. You know the ones. Those world maps that have the names of city-states and set against the classic color depiction of the ocean.

We feature other designs too. Like ones that would look unbelievably good in vintage interior design or industrial modern. We also have ones that would fit your tots’ nursery.

There are even world map designs etched against a backdrop of stars, so you get really dreamy when you stare at it. Or appreciate the artistry. One or the other.

Summer’s Coming

Summer’s fast approaching. Don’t just prepare for your own adventures?

Prep your house for the summer too with these wall art ideas that are perfect for that transition between Spring and Summer.

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