Our 5 Fully Furnishing Wall Art Ideas for Your Gaming Room

If you’re a giant game lover like a lot of us here at Panel Wall Art, then you are probably on board with dedicating a room in the house solely for your love of video games. Coming up with wall art ideas for your gaming room has never been so fun before — especially with the large collection we’ve got.

Sometimes all your gaming room needs is a splash of personal touch and some wall decor so the place won’t feel like it’s just another room with gaming computers in it.

This is your chance to deck the walls with your love for popular movies, TV shows, and of course, video games.

#1 In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Honestly, who could get over this cult classic? If you haven’t heard of Star Wars, where have you been all your life? If you’re one of the gamers who are also huge fans of the Star Wars franchise, it’s time to sink your claws into our Star Wars collection to complement your other Star Wars gaming room decor.

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Use the concept of a light saber and create unique lighting. Two of them can function as sconces, while colored lighting also creates a thematic background. And to finish it all up, add some Star Wars merch, and there you have it.

#2 Sleek and Modern Gaming

Some players think wall art ideas for your gaming room are as important as the actual games themselves. So, instead of cluttering up a small space, you can go with a sleek design that incorporates wall shelves to neatly store games.

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And of course, complement the blank walls with paneled wall art that depicts CGI gaming characters.

#3 Anime-themed Gaming Decor

Wall art ideas for your gaming room doesn’t make a larger statement than anime-themed panels. Decorate blank walls with famous anime shows like Dragon Balls or Naruto.

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This is especially great if you’re a huge fan of Japanese RPGs. Pair the decor with other anime-related merch and you have yourself a gaming room that’s fit for an anime lover.

#4 Combining Modern and Traditional

Magic the Gathering & Yu-Gi-Oh Wall Art

Sometimes gaming doesn’t solely have to be dedicated to video games. Lots of people are huge fans of traditional board games, and trading card games too. So what about combining the traditional game decor with modern? This is also a big plus if you’re a fan of card games like Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh (arguably two of the most popular in the world).

#5 For the DC and Marvel Fanboy/Fangirl

DC & Marvel Canvas Art

And last but not least, let’s not forget about designing a gaming room that’s superhero themed. If you’re a gamer who’s also a huge fan of the DC or Marvel franchise, then we’re inviting you to have a look at our two collections dedicated to both. Now you can fill up an empty wall with Spider Man, or Captain Marvel, or Wonder Woman, along with the other superheroes you favor.

Add some figurines and memorabilia, and your gaming room is good to go.

Which of these wall art ideas for your gaming room will you try out?

Thinking of wall art ideas for your gaming room and setting it all up can be a lot of fun. Also, it’s good for getting creative juices flowing. You can choose themes based on your favorite game, or include elements that you as the player would love to have and see.

Now get out there and go crazy with your custom lighting, comfy furniture, and favorite wall art pieces.

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