Kitchen Art Inspiration: 5 Wall Art Ideas for Your Kitchen

Sometimes, the kitchen is the last place homeowners think of when it comes to decorating empty wall spaces. Usually, the living room is what gets most of the attention. But not this time around. This time, we’re going to give our food-making place the home decor attention it deserves. And Panel Wall Art has the right wall art ideas for your kitchen.

Wall Art Ideas for Your Kitchen

Wall art is a personal choice. And it’s your own space. So in all reality, there’s no limit to how creative you can get with the wall art in your kitchen. Just because it’s a place to make food, doesn’t mean it has to be bland and devoid of wall decor that can make inhabitants of the home happy.

Whether your kitchen is small or spacious, there are certainly wall art ideas for your kitchen that would be suitable. You’re free to choose whatever you want, of course. But here are a couple of wall art ideas for your kitchen that are well-worth looking into.

#1 Paneled Wall Art

Elephants Collection

Let’s start with the go-to source of wall decor when it comes to sprucing up any room in the house. But we’re not going for the same old, same old typical sort of wall art made of canvas. Whatever interior style your home is modeled after, you can never go wrong with a splash of rustic decor.

White World Map

We’re talking about wooden wall art. And you certainly won’t find shortage of that here.

#2 EAT Signs

Image Credit: Decals Market

But if you’re more of the type to go via the safe route, you can always go with kitchen-themed wall decor to match the function of the room. Get wall decor that’s connected to, well, what do you do in the kitchen?

Most of the time, you either cook or eat.

When it comes to wall art ideas for your kitchen, it doesn’t get any more popular than EAT signs. What’s great about this is that there are large variations of it to choose from.

#3 Decorative Plates

Image Credit: DigsDigs

Decorative plates arranged in gallery wall form are highly organic for the arrangement present in the dining space or the kitchen. you can have each of them in a different style, to showcase their unique origins. But of course, you can also arrange these in a pattern and in a monochromatic fashion.

You can have these attached to the wall, or perched on floating wooden wall shelves or ledges.

#4 Potted Plants

Image Credit: Complete Home

A fresh and green kitchen is a healthy kitchen. Also, you simply can’t go wrong by adding indoor greenery. And if you want to keep the theme in-lined with the function of the kitchen, you can go for displaying potted herbs.

#5 Stenciled Quotes and Funny Jokes

Image Credit: DFY Themes

After waking up and sauntering to the kitchen, first thing in the morning, to grab a bite to eat, wouldn’t you be glad to see something humorous to brighten up your day? Or perhaps something inspirational would do.

Well, whatever your cup of tea is, you can never really go wrong with kookie quotes that can inspire you or make you laugh while you’re making food.

Which one would you try?

After these five wall art ideas for your kitchen, which one are you most inclined to try out?

For sure, even the places where we make food deserve decor to liven up the atmosphere and make it feel extra personalized.

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