Two Fantastic Wall Art Ideas for an Amazing Industrial Interior Design

Do you belong in the group of people who take pride and joy in their house’s industrial interior design? Well, we can’t blame you. The design itself possesses a rustic charm that you just can’t say no to. And that’s why we have wall art ideas just for it.

And because you’re here, then you know that we’re about to give you fantastic wall art ideas that would turn your industrially designed home from simple to stunningly amazing.


Trust us. We’ve got you covered…

The Beauty of Industrial Interior Design


Image Credit: Vintage Industrial Style, Domain,, Home Stratosphere

Ah, the interior design that puts heavy emphasis on the liberal use of distressed wooden elements and exposed teal — complete with compliments from exposed brick walls. It really takes you back to that turn-of-the-century industrial era.

I don’t know about you, but if I were a bachelor, it’d be my personal choice.

But as much as we’d love to talk about the intricate art of putting together industrial interior design, we’re honestly here to focus on the wall art ideas we promised in that title.

Highly likely, you’re here because of that promise too.

So, without further ado, we’ll get on with it.

Wall Art Ideas for the Industrial Home

When people say industrial design, the general feel of the interior can be summarized in two words: mature and rustic. The modern variations generously include copper-tone accents which characterize modern rustic, while the more traditional ones usually opt for a rugged vintage look — complete with elaborate embellishments.

Truth be told, it largely depends on your taste. Chic and light or antique and dark.


Image Credit: Lazy Loft

And these two tastes are primarily what our two collections here at Panel Wall Art would love to cater to.

Check out our Albyden Art Collection and the Push Pin World Maps

Albyden Art Collection


Let’s look at the art that would rightfully complement the lighter variation of industrial interior design.

Our albyden art collection focuses primarily on rendering high-quality images into canvas prints with visual wood texture.

What’s the most popular art variation you ask?

Adorable elephants doing cutesy things, just like this one print of a baby elephant sheltered in the middle of the herd.

But that’s not the only family portrait we have here…


A bunch of art also comes at affordable prices and exclusive designs. The lot of them are mostly modern and depict landscapes done through various art styles.


Perfect for light and chic industrial interior design.

Push Pin World Maps


Ah, yes. The classic depictions of world maps

From truly rustic, right down to vintage. And we even have a bunch that would look great for your kids’ rooms.

Nothing truly complements the walls of charmingly dark and rustic industrial interior design like carefully chosen and depicted world maps.


Complete the look from our exclusive designs and expansive collection.

Our Final Words on these Wall Art Ideas

At Panel Wall Art, we aim to please…

For this reason, we made sure to have canvas wall arts for nearly every type of interior design out there. And industrial interior design is just the beginning.

So, are you ready to add a magnificent centerpiece to your home’s stunning industrial interior design?

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