Wall Canvas vs. Framed Prints

Wall canvas and framed prints have always been at odds when choosing wall decor. We’re here to settle that age old debate for you.

Wall canvas vs. framed prints is a long-standing debate…

We consider that how you choose to print your photos relies on what images you print, every photographer must understand some significant distinctions around framed prints and wall canvas prints.

How Framed Prints Are Made

It varies, like always, about whether you made the framed print yourself or outsourced it. Although you can print your images at home on an HD printer, you might not be able to get the same framed print quality like a pro. If you outsource the framing, since they will choose the products, you’ll want to be active in selecting the brand. A good company would tell you what kind of paper they’re going to use, whether it’s going to be a matte finish or a luster, and how hard the paper is.

Ask your printing service provider what kind of ink they use because it’s common to use low quality inks to reduce glare from prints. The business will then create your frame until your actual picture is printed on the paper.

You will then pick a color for your frame. We recommend looking for something tame, such as black, white, or brown, so your picture stands out. This is a common mistake that amateur artists make. They make beautiful frames that the frame sometimes distracts from the art itself. For example, if you plan on making a Christian wall art of the last supper for your dining room, we suggest using neutral tones for the frame.

Pros and Cons of Framed Prints

Suppose you plan on creating many copies of the same prints. We suggest going with framed prints. Furthermore, they are really cheap. Because of this, framed prints are commonly used for Christian wall art. Framed prints are one of the only printing options where you can do it yourself.

However, framed prints do not interact well with photos you took yourself, but a wall canvas print does. If you’re a photographer who wants to separate themselves from the pack and want to have a good-looking product we suggest you don’t use framed prints.

Among the advantages of framed prints are:

  • They are cheap
  • There are a large lot of options for sizing and framing
  • As a framed print, almost any picture works well.

The drawbacks to framed prints usually involve:

  • They’re commonplace
  • They do not have a “Wow” element occasionally
  • Usually, they do not last as long as canvas prints.

How wall canvas prints are made

Choosing a service that allows you to edit your photos is the most crucial aspect of wall canvas printing. If your picture is half an inch short or you did not remove the acne from your sister’s face, you are going to have a bad time. Its also important for those who are already familiar with the wall canvas printing scene that it’s important that the colors on the finished product are the same as the colors on the screen.

Once you’re pleased with your design, your pictures will be replicated on canvas using a state-of-the-art printer. After the image is printed, it will be cut by the printmakers and prepared for stretching. The wooden frame’s construction is the aspect of the wall canvas printing process that most people seem to forget about.

Good wall canvas business owners will use kiln-dried wood to guarantee that twenty years down the road. The canvas won’t warp. Also, successful wall canvas printing firms never use glue. In severe weather conditions, the glue will lose its effectiveness, which is why we use brads and staples to construct our wooden frames.

To ensure that you don’t get a splinter when putting it up on the wall, the frames are then lightly sanded. After that, the hardest part of making a canvas print is the next step. In order to showcase the wall canvas print, the printers have to pull the canvas taut against the frame. If the canvas creator messes up this step, the stretch might be irregular, or the edges could be jammed.

Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints

Prints from canvas aren’t water-resistant. Framed images are supported with the inclusion of a glass frame. Canvas prints are going to be more costly than framed prints, too. But they will last longer and will be in your family for generations as an heirloom Older Christian wall art, which has been passed down from generation to generation, were usually painted on canvas.

Canvas prints often look extremely fine in any location, while framed prints can be seen in any home. Having a wall canvas print of a picture you’ve taken is a sure fire way to get your craft to be noticed because its beautifully made textures will make your picture stand out.

The benefits of prints on canvas include:

  • They’re never going to look out of place.
  • All photos work well on canvas.
  • They’re free of glare.
  • Lasts longer than framed prints.

The drawbacks to canvas prints include:

  • They’re not immune to water or scratch.
  • They are more costly than framed prints since a canvas print is incredibly difficult.

Canvas Vs. Framed Prints: the Conclusion

You may need to buy a decent printer if you’re trying to make a multitude of prints for many years, so you can produce framed prints for yourself. But it should be a dream of any photographer to spend one or two canvas prints as personal possessions.

Maybe we are a bit biased towards wall canvas prints, but considering that the benefits of using canvas wall prints outweigh the drawbacks, we recommend that you make the switch over to wall canvas prints. Whether you’re an established photographer who wants to showcase their work or if you’re just a hobbyist that wants quality prints, call Panel Wall Art for all your wall canvas printing needs.

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