When Patterns Dominate The Interiors

One of the possibilities of patterns is to create interiors using several different patterns, far from the minimalist style. Many designers now prefer to let their imaginations roam and produce extremely personal and evocative atmospheres.

The eclectic style mixes fashions, materials, and furniture of different periods with a refined designers eye. This decor is characterized by contrasts, but with aesthetic criteria that ensure good results. It looks for balance based on counterpoised elements.

This trend arises from cultural fusions where all movements come together. As well as combining different cultures, it blends past and present, with vintage and avant-garde pieces. Natural fabrics can share a space with urban elements and high technology. You can have a modern kitchen with a Greek- or Roman-inspired floor, or an Indian style living room with leather chairs.

You can also mix materials, textures, and styles. You might find a shaggy sofa with metal legs or tables made of mahogany and plastic. Cold and warm materials combine to give decorative richness and balance.

Eclecticism is based on freedom and balance, as a logical result of the recycling culture. It means visual and tactile variety, with balance in sizes, shapes, distribution, and materials. A piece of abstract painting draws one’s attention and balance the color of the room.

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